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Hear how and why Emily started Epetōme.
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The founders story.
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emily english.
BSC Nutrition. Gut Health Expert.

My fascination with nutrition started as a young scientist. I loved biology and chemistry, especially understanding the human body. But my personal relationship with food truly opened my eyes to the world of nutrition. This led me to pursue a degree from King's College London.

One clear thing during my time at university was the growing interest in the importance of gut health and our microbiome.

We have an evident rise in people experiencing digestive discomfort, dysregulation, food sensitivities, gut-associated mood disorders and even metabolic issues. Because our gut is so interconnected with our body, it became clear to me that this area of our health needed attention.

That's why I started Epetōme. Our aim is to bring clarity to the complex world of gut health. We're not just creating digestive supplements; we want to help you build sustainable habits and daily routines to support and nourish your microbiome. Just once a day, every day. Carefully formulated to support your unique digestive health, including FOS fibre, vitamin D and zinc alongside active bacteria.

synbiotic duo cap.
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11 strains
clinically trialled bacterial strains.
50 billion CFU
one of the highest available doses.
duo cap technology
30x more effective than a standard capsule.
1 a day
Just once a day, every day.
+ more
ingredients for microbial balance.
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