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nourishing your microbiome.

Our microbial bacteria play an incredibly complex and critical role in helping us thrive. But are you doing enough to help your microbiome thrive?

For some, it can feel overwhelming to make the right choices. That’s why Epetome exists - to bring clarity to the complex world of gut health. Both through our synbiotic duo cap. and nutritional guidance, we aim to help our community make sustainable life choices together.

Read on to learn more about your complex microbiome, what it likes to eat, recipes and resources.

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synbiotic duo cap.
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11 strains
clinically trialled bacterial strains.
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one of the highest available doses.
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ingredients for microbial balance.
lifestyle. the impact of our choices.
emily explains how our lifestyle choices impact our microbiome.
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the role of the microbiome.

The microbiome plays a crucial role in your overall health. It affects everything from digestion to the immune system, hormones, skin health, and mental well-being. 

looking after your gut microbes.

Every time you have a meal, you are eating for two: for you and your microbes. But what do your microbes like to eat?

lifestyle. food for the microbiome.
pre, pro and post biotics explained.
To maintain a healthy gut, we need to consume a mixture of both pre and pro biotic rich foods. When the pre and pro biotics meet, they produce an array of compounds called postbiotics. It is this output that produces health benefits.
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prebiotics act as food for the microbes living in our gut.

found in:

- high-fibre foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
- polyphenols: berries, nuts, seeds, green tea and dark chocolate.

is food enough?

Ideally, yes. However in today's fast-paced world, eating a perfect diet is only sometimes feasible, with very few of us consuming probiotic foods like kimchi and sauerkraut on a daily basis.

That's where the right supplements can fill nutritional gaps. The synbiotic duo cap. provides a convenient solution that adds 50 billion live bacteria to your micriobiome each day.

lifestyle. gut health recipes.
recipes to enhance your gut.
"Food is my greatest passion. By creating simple, tasty gut-health recipes, I hope to transform how you feel."
lifestyle. gut health recipes.
ready in 25 minutes
pesto butterbeans.

This Pesto Butterbeans recipe is simple, nutritious, and perfect for anyone interested in a gut friendly meal.

ready in 10 minutes
carrot cake breakfast oats.

Start your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast option - Carrot Cake Oats. Filled with fibre diversity to promote healthy digestion.

ready in 15 minutes
chopped crispy tofu salad with avocado dressing.

Chopped crispy tofu salad with avocado dressing - a balanced blend of flavours and textures, along with gut-friendly ingredients to support your overall well-being.

lifestyle. gut health blog.
5 minute read
understanding bloating and IBS in women - why us?

Why is IBS a female problem? Here we explore the complexities of bloating, IBS, and effective strategies for alleviating symptoms.

Emily English photo
Emily English
Founder & Nutritionist.
2 minute read
enhancing digestion and alleviating symptoms of bloating and IBS.

Enhancing digestion and alleviating symptoms of bloating and IBS - probiotics as a promising ally.

Chelsea Grosvenor-Hargreaves photo
Chelsea Grosvenor-Hargreaves
Director & BSc Natural Scientist
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